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Granite Slabs

  • Delma Granite sources granite blocks from the beautiful mountains of Brits, in the North West province. Our experienced directors visit different quarries selecting the best quality of granite blocks for our clients.
  • Our main Delma Granite manuafacturing plant is situated in Matsapha (Our branches).
  • We use modern circular blade saws with industrial diamond tips to cut raw granite blocks ranging from 3cm thick, up to whatever our client's request is.
  • Slabs of granite are polished by special modern machines that use large industrial diamond discs and abrasive bricks made from silicon carbide. The polishing process produces a beautiful sparkling gloss to the granite stone. The sawn or polished slabs are then ready to deliver to our clients across Africa.
  • Our second cutting plant now manufactures the slabs to cut-to-size and tombstones. Each piece is an individual work of art created by nature.
  • Delma Granite is also a direct importer of granite stone slabs. We use only the finest quality stone from around the world.
  • Our products include: Granite Slabs, Granite Counter Tops, Granite Cut-To-Size and Granite Tombstones.

Delma Granite delivers bulk headstones, pillars, ledgers, kerbs (frames), marble chips, roof tops, and bases to funeral undertakers across Africa. Our cut-to-size granite is produced to exact measurements and crafted according to our clients' specifications, shapes and sizes.